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Benjamin Parks.

Is an gifted Massage Therapist who always has had an enthusiastic heart for helping others by utilizing his impressive deciphering and problem solving abilities. With his assured strength and his knowledge of numerous varieties of therapeutic, integrative skills, he achieves the most effective results!  Advanced as a Chiropractor Assistant, he has extensive clinical knowledge and assessments specializing in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, as well as an incredibly comforting touch. Benjamin sincerely listens with caring hope and communicates with wisdom, honesty and integrity. He tenaciously enjoys helping people live a better life with massage. 


Sonja Rose Parks

Is a jovial, amiable and dedicated Massage Therapist since 2001. Specially gifted with tactile wisdom, she is blessed with a uniquely harmonious flow and soothing touch. With a gentle strength, Sonja zealously enjoys helping people enrich their vitality, while intuitively giving everybody a personal experience of pure bliss, comfort, and true healing of their mind, body spirit and emotions.  Passionate about honing the art of healing and rest; genuinely believes in the goodness of love, joy, peace, hope and faith.

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